List of Registered Online Petitioners

List of Petitioners List of Petitioners
1. Ricky Cabunyag
2. Catherine Asturias
3. Michelle N. Llanos
4. Arlene Bohol-Panizales
5. Gelsa P. Pocdol
6. Jovelyn C. Razon
7. Victor C. Narraga
8. Jhonard Rojas
9. Marivi Narraga
10. Eduardo Dacillo Leyson IV
11. Ric O. Domingo
12. Ryann Reggie C. Elorta
13. Dominic Ian D. Reoja
14. Benita T. Codog
15. Karen Kaye Caspillo
16. Che Prudente
17. Mary Del Resabal
18. Jayvie Ramirez
19. Eugene Reyla
20. Elena F. Balan
21. Grace Japal
22. Lorna Teleron
23. Rochelle M. Bulacan
24. Lorie Jean Zolina
25. Maria Anamae L. Absin
26. Judy Ann Zolina
27. Ianmark Bulacan Bermejo
28. Mark Adrian Tac-an
29. Zurahaida vanderdoes
30. Jun Aguilar
31. Carla Fortune
32. Rulina P. Imbong
33. Bernadette O. Garte
34. Anna O. Sarino

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