agriculture emissions

greenpeace said the eu’s farming policy had not tackled meat and dairy farming’s effect on the climate

European commission accused of ‘deliberately harming climate action’

Environmentalists have warned that sections of the European commission may be “deliberately harming climate action” after a report into the climate impact of the common agricultural policy (CAP) was quietly published the day after the EU elections.

models of cows at a farmers’ protest against low milk prices, outside the european council headquarters in brussels

EU ignoring climate crisis with livestock farm subsidies, campaigners warn

The EU is disregarding the climate emergency by continuing to give out billions of euros in subsidies to climate-intensive livestock farms at the same time as promising to cut emissions, say campaigners.

farming is new zealand's biggest source of greenhouse gases

New Zealand introduces ‘zero carbon’ bill with concession to farmers

The government proposed a 24-47% cut in methane from 2017 levels, in a compromise with farmers. Almost half the country’s emissions come from agriculture, driven by large sheep and cattle herds belching methane.

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