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federal energy minister angus taylor claims the government has a mandate on its climate policies

Angus Taylor calls for Labor to submit to Coalition on emissions target

The energy and emissions reduction minister was referring to the Coalition’s 26%-28% emissions reduction target, a policy much less ambitious than the 45% target Labor took to the election and one that is not aligned with the ultimate aim of the Paris agreement, which is to limit global heating to no more than 2°C.

modelling by baeconomics has found lifting australia’s emissions reduction target

Climate modelling cited by Angus Taylor did not model Labor policy

The modelling states that it “does not attempt to estimate the possible economic consequences linked to climate change itself”, implicitly ignoring the benefits to Australia of mitigating climate change through stricter targets.

the morrison government is attempting to spark divisions between labor and the union movement

Morrison government seeks to divide Labor and unions over emissions

The Morrison government, which is battling a persistent internal fracture on energy policy, is attempting to foment divisions between Labor and the union movement over the opposition’s 45% emissions reduction target in the run up to the election.

scott morrison with angus taylor and melissa price during a visit to a power station

Coalition says Labor must use Kyoto credits – but also that they make little difference

The opposition leader, Bill Shorten, on Monday described the use of carryover credits to meet targets as “technically possible” while criticising the government’s record on emissions reduction. He did not rule out Labor also using the on-paper measure.

angus taylor repeatedly stated emissions had decreased by 1% in an interview on the abc’s insiders program

Angus Taylor again falsely claims Australia’s greenhouse emissions are falling

The latest report released by the environment department, looking at emissions between September 2017 and September 2018, showed total emissions in Australia had increased by 0.9%, continuing a pattern of increases over the past five years.

angus taylor will confirm 60 submissions for government program underwriting new power generation assets

Queensland warns Coalition’s energy law could force privatisations

State minister fears ‘big stick’ legislation will compel the sale of state-owned assets — The Queensland state government has emerged as the latest thorn in the side of what is left of the government’s “big stick” energy legislation, warning it could lead to the unpopular privatisation of state-owned assets. Queensland’s energy minister, Anthony Lynham, has …

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