arctic warming

waves crash against the pier wall at seaham lighthouse near durham

Weatherwatch: Britain battered as jet stream meanders

For the last week Britain has been encircled by a gigantic loop in the jet stream, the result of which has been some remarkably wet weather for the east of the country. While welcome for places that had been suffering a long drought, it is a stark warning of weather patterns to come.

the school strikes movement has led to protests across the world

We, the climate generation, demand the G7 set an example

We are writing to you not just as a group of young climate activists fighting for our future, but as citizens fighting for the well-being of our countries. Our future is currently uncertain because of our leaders’ constant need for economic growth at the expense of our environment.

greenhouse gases, which have been frozen below the soil for centuries, have already begun to escape

Melting permafrost in Arctic will have $70tn climate impact – study

The release of methane and carbon dioxide from thawing permafrost will accelerate global warming and add up to $70tn (£54tn) to the world’s climate bill, according to the most advanced study yet of the economic consequences of a melting Arctic.

scientists from the research ship polarstern working among snowdrifts on the polar ice

How anchoring a ship to an ice floe will help fight climate change

In September, the giant German polar research vessel Polarstern will set off from Tromsø in Norway on a remarkable voyage. It will sail across the Arctic Ocean and after a few weeks reach a point off the Siberian coast, around 85 deg N 120 deg E, where it will attach itself to the biggest, strongest-looking ice floe its crew can find.

retrogressive thaw slump, herschel island, yukon, canada

Guest post: Arctic warming is causing a 60-fold increase in permafrost landslides

One of the principal concerns of a warming Arctic is the thawing of carbon-rich permafrost, which could release CO2 and methane into the atmosphere and accelerate climate change. However, the thawing of these perennially frozen soils also risks making a mark on the land surface itself, causing landslides known as “retrogressive thaw slumps”.

iceberg floating in ocean water of smith sound in the high arctic of nunavut, canada, mid summer

Factcheck: Is 3-5C of Arctic warming now ‘locked in’

The accompanying press release focused on the report’s section about climate change. It warned that, “even if the Paris Agreement goals are met, Arctic winter temperatures will increase 3-5°C by 2050 compared to 1986-2005 levels” and will warm 5-9°C by 2080.

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