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federal energy minister angus taylor claims the government has a mandate on its climate policies

Angus Taylor calls for Labor to submit to Coalition on emissions target

The energy and emissions reduction minister was referring to the Coalition’s 26%-28% emissions reduction target, a policy much less ambitious than the 45% target Labor took to the election and one that is not aligned with the ultimate aim of the Paris agreement, which is to limit global heating to no more than 2°C.

josh frydenberg: ‘I don’t see a strong economy as mutually exclusive from emissions reduction.’

Josh Frydenberg: low-emissions future is inevitable and a huge opportunity

Josh Frydenberg says Australia needs to roll out new infrastructure in the coming term of government to support renewable energy zones, and has declared that the “inevitable” transition to low-emissions sources creates an opportunity for the country.

protesters in melbourne demand action on the climate emergency

Tony Burke floats Green New Deal-style approach to Labor’s climate policy

In a significant piece of post-election positioning, Burke told Guardian Australia Labor needs to adopt new policies of regulation and spending – like the Green New Deal model pursued by some Democrats in the United States, or like the existing Australian Direct Action model – because that is the only way a majority of Australian voters will sign on to climate action.

members of the stop adani convoy

After the climate election: shellshocked green groups remain resolute

The environmental movement drew first blood on election night by helping independent Zali Steggall oust Tony Abbott but, in the end, the Coalition – which rated a miserable 4% on the Australian Conservation Foundation’s climate change scorecard – won.

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