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modelling by baeconomics has found lifting australia’s emissions reduction target

Climate modelling cited by Angus Taylor did not model Labor policy

The modelling states that it “does not attempt to estimate the possible economic consequences linked to climate change itself”, implicitly ignoring the benefits to Australia of mitigating climate change through stricter targets.

australia is the only developed country that allows climate funding to go to coal plants

Questions raised over how $1bn of emissions funding have been allocated

Scott Morrison recently announced the Coalition would inject another $2bn into the emissions reduction fund – the Tony Abbott-era “direct action” policy that pays farmers and businesses from the budget to reduce greenhouse gas – but serious questions have emerged about $1bn already allocated.

the morrison government is attempting to spark divisions between labor and the union movement

Morrison government seeks to divide Labor and unions over emissions

The Morrison government, which is battling a persistent internal fracture on energy policy, is attempting to foment divisions between Labor and the union movement over the opposition’s 45% emissions reduction target in the run up to the election.

greens climate spokesman adam bandt calls the morrison government’s decision to use carry-over credits to meet its paris target

Greens demand documents on ‘dodgy’ carry-over credits for Paris target

The move by the Greens to extract documents relevant to the decision is an effort to keep the spotlight both on the Coalition’s decision to count a 367-megatonne contribution from carry-over credits, and also on Labor, with the opposition yet to take a decision on whether it will follow suit.

the investor group on climate change has questioned the coalition’s investments in the snowy 2.0 project

Coalition’s climate policy reboot won’t do much for emissions, investor group warns

The IGCC, a group that represents institutional investors such as super funds, with total funds under management of about $2tn, has told its members Morrison’s “climate solutions package” won’t change the current trajectory of rising emissions because it is “small scale and unlikely to be a durable policy framework through time”.

tony abbott

Tony Abbott says no need to pull out of Paris climate agreement after all

Abbott, who signed up to Paris when he was prime minister but then declared that Australia should pull out during the prime ministership of Malcolm Turnbull, confirmed he had changed his mind again during a debate on Friday morning with the independent challenger Zali Steggall and other federal election candidates in his seat of Warringah.

western australia’s resources industry faces tougher curbs on greenhouse gas emissions

Western Australia environment watchdog plans tougher curbs on emissions

Under the guidelines developers proposing projects with direct emissions of more than 100,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent per annum would be required to demonstrate they have taken all “reasonable and practicable design measures”, including use of renewable energy, to reduce or avoid emissions.

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