biodiversity crisis

aphids are taking their first flight 30 days earlier

Insects have ‘no place to hide’ from climate change, study warns

Insects have “no place to hide” from climate change, scientists have said after analysing 50 years’ worth of UK data. The study found that woodlands, whose shade was expected to protect species from warming temperatures, are just as affected by climate change as open grasslands.

wood pellets

Burning wood for power breaches EU treaty, new lawsuit claims

Plaintiffs from six European countries and the US argue that burning biomass for heat and power is a false solution to climate change. The EU Renewable Energy Directive promotes logging of ancient forests, according to the brief, contravening the bloc’s higher principles and individuals’ rights.

the dragonfly is among more than a million species of insect

Why are insects in decline, and can we do anything about it

Answers to key questions about the global insect collapse What is the sixth mass extinction? Many scientists think the current worldwide annihilation of wildlife is the beginning of a huge loss of species on Earth. It has happened five times in the last 4bn years, as a result of meteorite impacts, long ice ages and …

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