biodiversity loss

extinction rebellion protesters outside the royal exchange in the city of london

Extinction Rebellion and Momentum join forces on climate crisis

Momentum, the youth climate strikers and Extinction Rebellion are to unite in protest outside parliament on Wednesday as Labour calls on the Conservatives to declare an environmental emergency in a parliamentary vote.

a grey seal pup in grass at donna nook nature reserve in grimsby

UK will miss almost all its 2020 nature targets, says official report

The nation is failing to protect threatened species; end the degradation of land; reduce agricultural pollution; and increase funding for green schemes, the assessment concludes. It also says the UK is not ending unsustainable fishing; stopping the arrival of invasive alien species; nor raising public awareness of the importance of biodiversity.

tim flannery

Tim Flannery: people are shocked about climate change but they should be angry

“Bullshit baffles brains, but only temporarily and we’ve gone through a period in Australia and the US where people have been able to lie … But we’re in a different world now, a world where people are living with climate change consequences, and bullshit is no longer baffling brains, and so we are about to see a big shift.”

a fisherman clears water hyacinth on lake victoria

Weeds flourish and fish decline in Lake Victoria’s ‘deadest’ corner

This part of Lake Victoria, near Kisumu in western Kenya, is choked with water hyacinth, putrid algae and other invasive plants. They flourish in the organic waste that drains in from cities and farms, creating poor conditions for fish to breed. Climate change intensifies the problems.

hurricane florence in north carolina in 2018

Climate and economic risks ‘threaten 2008-style systemic collapse’

Environmental and social problems could interact in global breakdown, report says — The gathering storm of human-caused threats to climate, nature and economy pose a danger of systemic collapse comparable to the 2008 financial crisis, according to a new report that calls for urgent and radical reform to protect political and social systems. The study …

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world economic forum's annual meeting of the global future councils

Davos elite looks to ‘Globalisation 4.0’ to stem climate change

Business leaders say the next wave of globalisation must create social benefits as well as provide technical solutions to climate change — For business leaders gathering in the Swiss Alps this week, ‘Globalisation 4.0’ holds the answers to one of the world’s biggest problems: climate change. The buzzword that will dominate the World Economic Forum …

Davos elite looks to ‘Globalisation 4.0’ to stem climate change Read More »

a shihuahuaco tree in amazon, peru

A new leaf: the hardy trees reforesting the Amazon

Scientists in Peru have found tree species that thrive in land poisoned by gold miners; now they have started planting — Flying above the Tambopata River in a single-engine Cessna turboprop, the panorama is desolate. Jungle rivers are ripped open into a delta of sand dunes and stagnant, discoloured ponds. Ant-sized bulldozers roll down mud …

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darling river in the murray-darling basin

Dumping 15m tonnes of salt at Queensland creek ‘considerable’ risk to water

Study concludes considerable likelihood waste from coal seam gas operations could contaminate Stockyard Creek in headwaters of Murray-Darling Basin — Plans to dump up to 15m tonnes of salt and other waste near a creek in drought-stricken Queensland carry a “considerable” risk of water contamination, a new study has found. Approved plans to expand a …

Dumping 15m tonnes of salt at Queensland creek ‘considerable’ risk to water Read More »

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