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Guest post: Why natural cycles only play small role in rate of global warming

In a paper published in the Journal of Climate, we find that the combination of human and natural climate forcings – increased atmospheric CO2 and other greenhouse gases, volcanoes, solar activity and aerosols – can explain virtually all of the long-term change in the temperature record over the past 150 years.

extinction rebellion activists at the international maritime organization in london as delegates arrive

UN agency meets to tackle pollution and emissions by ships

This week is the 74th meeting of the marine environmental protection committee of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), and it represents one of the best hopes of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from a large and growing sector.

smokestacks emit thick plumes of pollution that include black carbon

Black Carbon Not the Primary Cause of Historic Glacial Retreat

Ice cores and glacial records reveal that European glaciers retreated before the rise of industrialization in the 1870s, suggesting that soot deposition did not primarily drive the shift — Glaciers can be blindingly bright because pure ice and snow are reflective. But add some black carbon—little particles of soot produced by fossil fuel burning—and suddenly …

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