carbon emissions

bp’s report states carbon emissions from energy use have risen at the fastest rate in nearly a decade

Atmospheric carbon levels are leaping. We can’t afford more years like this

One of the many ironies of the climate crisis is that as temperatures change and extreme weather becomes more common, we need more energy to maintain comfort. Hotter summers have driven an increase in power-hungry air conditioning and cooler temperatures in some places – which may be driven by the melting Arctic – raise demand for heating.

a liquified natural gas carrier ship off the coast of trinidad and tobago

In-depth: BP data reveals record CO2 emissions in 2018 driven by surging use of gas

Gas was the largest driver of energy-use growth in 2018, responsible for more than 40% of the increase. This, along with increased use of oil and coal, led to global CO2 emissions rising by 2% in 2018, the largest year-on-year increase in seven years.

narayana hrudayalaya hospital in bangalore, india

Healthcare in world’s largest economies ‘accounts for 4%’ of global emissions

While healthcare emissions have rarely been assessed in isolation, the analysis suggests that in most countries they are only surpassed by those from the heaviest polluting sectors, related to energy, transport and construction.

an earlier copernicus satellite, sentinel-5p, prepares for launch

EU plans first satellite fleet to monitor CO2 in every country

The fleet of three satellites is slated for launch in 2025, in time to inform the UN’s global stocktake of greenhouse gas emissions three years later, the European Space Agency (ESA) confirmed to Climate Home News.

bill nye, beloved science educator and television personality, is getting angry about climate change

‘The planet is on fire’: Bill Nye driven to F-bomb rant by climate change

Bill Nye is done messing around. Look out, because while you might not typically associate angry talk with the normally-mild-mannered “Science Guy” Nye, when it comes to the threat of global climate change, he has – understandably, perhaps – lost his patience. And how.

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