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narayana hrudayalaya hospital in bangalore, india

Healthcare in world’s largest economies ‘accounts for 4%’ of global emissions

While healthcare emissions have rarely been assessed in isolation, the analysis suggests that in most countries they are only surpassed by those from the heaviest polluting sectors, related to energy, transport and construction.

climate activists greta thunberg, centre, and luisa neubauer, left, marching against climate change in berlin

Climate crisis: today’s children face lives with tiny carbon footprints

Fast, deep cuts in global emissions from energy, transport and food are needed to keep temperature rises in check and an analysis has shown this means the new generation will have lifetime carbon budgets almost 90% lower than someone born in 1950.

ryanair’s chief executive, michael o’leary, previously dismissed climate change concerns as ‘complete and utter rubbish’

‘Ryanair is the new coal’: airline enters EU’s top 10 emitters list

The Irish airline, which transports 130 million people a year, declared 9.9 megatonnes of greenhouse gas emissions in 2018, up 6.9% on last year and 49% over the last five years, according to data in the EU’s latest emissions trading system registry.

fumes from vehicles

Pollutionwatch: let’s rate exhaust fumes as also a lethal road risk

Vision Zero is a plan that rejects road accident deaths as ‘acceptable’. Is it time we called for zero tolerance of deaths from traffic pollution? — The programme Vision Zero refuses to view the continued deaths and injuries from road traffic accidents as an acceptable fact. Like safety in the workplace, risks need to be …

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