carbon pollution

the aviation industry has agreed to offset emissions growth from 2020

UN Environment official attacks agency’s own carbon offsetting policy

“The era of carbon offsets is drawing to a close,” Niklas Hagelberg wrote. “Buying carbon credits in exchange for a clean conscience while you carry on flying, buying diesel cars and powering your home with fossil fuels is no longer acceptable or widely accepted.”

bp’s report states carbon emissions from energy use have risen at the fastest rate in nearly a decade

Atmospheric carbon levels are leaping. We can’t afford more years like this

One of the many ironies of the climate crisis is that as temperatures change and extreme weather becomes more common, we need more energy to maintain comfort. Hotter summers have driven an increase in power-hungry air conditioning and cooler temperatures in some places – which may be driven by the melting Arctic – raise demand for heating.

arnot coal power station, middelburg, south africa

South Africa’s Ramaphosa signs carbon tax into law

Ramaphosa’s African National Congress party was returned to office with a reduced majority in an election earlier this month. While climate change was barely mentioned in the campaign, the result allows the government to finally implement a tax that has been under discussion since 2010.

john delaney talks with voters in tilton, new hampshire

2020 candidate John Delaney pitches vastly unusual climate change plan

The first three Democratic presidential candidates to declare their plans to tackle the climate crisis are focusing on setting deadlines to neutralize US pollution. But one Democrat is proposing something vastly different. Environmental advocates are likely to find it unacceptable, but some experts say it might be necessary.

extinction rebellion activists at the international maritime organization in london as delegates arrive

UN agency meets to tackle pollution and emissions by ships

This week is the 74th meeting of the marine environmental protection committee of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), and it represents one of the best hopes of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from a large and growing sector.

microsoft has become the first technology company to join the conservative-led group, which includes oil giants bp, exxonmobil, shell, total and conocophillips among its founding members

Microsoft joins group seeking to kill off historic climate change lawsuits

The stated goals of the Climate Leadership Council (CLC) include a $40-a-ton fee on carbon dioxide emissions in return for the gutting of current climate change regulations and “protecting companies from federal and state tort liability for historic emissions”.

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