chemical contamination

local residents paddle a canoe past oil installations belonging to the mobil oil company in bonny island, nigeria

How Mobil pushed its oil agenda through ‘charitable giving’

Dr David Page visited Nigeria after the spill and offered his views of its impact to the New York Times, which were published in special report dated 20 September that year. Page’s arrival on the scene was anticipated years earlier in Mobil’s plans, internal Mobil Foundation documents newly obtained by the Guardian reveal.

dove lake, in tasmania’s popular cradle mountain tourist spot

Tasmania’s lakes among most contaminated in the world

Historic mining has polluted lakes with lead, copper and arsenic, including in World Heritage Area — Metal contamination levels in some of Tasmania’s lakes are among the highest in the world, a new study has found, while those within the state’s Wilderness World Heritage Area have also been badly polluted by mining. The Australian National …

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