climate justice

climate protesters bring london’s oxford circus to a standstill on friday

Students bring fresh wave of climate strikes to UK streets

The organisers of the Youth Strike 4 Climate movement said “sizeable events” took place in London, Sheffield, Manchester and Brighton, among other towns and cities. They mirrored events around the world, as protesters from cities as far apart as Helsinki and Delhi took to the streets.

climate activists greta thunberg, centre, and luisa neubauer, left, marching against climate change in berlin

Climate crisis: today’s children face lives with tiny carbon footprints

Fast, deep cuts in global emissions from energy, transport and food are needed to keep temperature rises in check and an analysis has shown this means the new generation will have lifetime carbon budgets almost 90% lower than someone born in 1950.

european climate foundation chief laurence tubiana at a meeting of eu environment ministers

Climate movement needs bullying and harassment referee, says Tubiana

Laurence Tubiana, who leads the European Climate Foundation (ECF), told Climate Home News a “safe space outside all the organisations” was needed for victims of abusive behaviour to raise concerns. The head of an influential funding body is backing the establishment of an independent “referee” for bullying and harassment complaints in the climate movement.

site of thoreau's cabin in massachusetts

Courts must curb greenhouse gas emissions to protect our liberty

More than 150 years ago, the American poet, essayist, and naturalist Henry David Thoreau wrote, “The West of which I speak is but another name for the Wild; and what I have been preparing to say is, that in Wildness is the preservation of the world.”

mary robinson: ‘i believe that climate change denial is not just ignorant, it is malign, it is evil.’

Climate change denial is evil, says Mary Robinson

Robinson is chair of the Elders, an independent group of global leaders founded by Nelson Mandela that works for human rights. She will say in her speech: “I believe that climate change denial is not just ignorant, it is malign, it is evil, and it amounts to an attempt to deny human rights to some of the most vulnerable people on the planet.”

gilets jaunes scattered through the crowd at a climate march

‘We were ecologists before the capitalists’: the gilets jaunes and climate justice

The city’s largest-ever climate march was taking place while across town a group of gilets jaunes – the protest group known for their hi-vis vests – were engaging in some of the worst violence of their entire three month revolt against declining wages, rising inequality and other consequences of globalisation.

congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez and senator ed markey present their green new deal resolution

The Green New Deal: Finally climate policy informed by science

In short, science is our best hope to enable informed choices about our future. Big ideas like president Roosevelt’s New Deal also gave our nation hope for reversing the downward economic spiral of the 1930s with government programmes that still benefit us today. However, when it comes to a safe climate, science and policy have operated in a vacuum.

youth held protests for climate change across the United States and around the world

Youth Gather to Demand Action on Climate Change

An enthusiastic crowd of mostly high schoolers gathered in front of the U.S. Capitol Building today for a spirited and Sun-drenched protest about climate change. The protest was part of the US Youth Climate Strike. There were an estimated several hundred strikes and other protests in the United States today and upward of 1,600 around the world.

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