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ultimate emissions goal

Which countries have a net zero carbon goal

An increasing number of governments are translating that into national strategy, setting out visions of a carbon-free future. Is it enough? Of course not. But it is becoming the benchmark for leadership on the world stage.

onshore wind is now cheap form but there are few new projects

What will it take for the UK to reach net zero emissions

The net zero carbon target will require sweeping changes to almost every aspect of British life, affecting our homes, food and the way we get around, as well as jobs and businesses across the board. Ministers hope there will be health benefits and improvements to the natural environment along the way, as well as helping to stave off the global climate emergency.

youth for climate hope

Bacolod youth coalition heeds global call to strike for climate justice on May 24

Youth for Climate Hope, a Bacolod-based environmental youth coalition, is gearing up to join the #FridaysForFuture second international call to strike for the climate with “Istorya Klima,” an interactive community event at 3 pm on Friday, May 24, at the Bacolod Public Plaza.

located in the rhenish mining area, the lignite-fired power plant niederaussem is germany's second largest coal-fired power plant

Germany to miss 2030 climate goal without coal phase out

Germany will miss its greenhouse gas reduction targets for 2030 in all economic sectors, if no additional climate action measures are taken, according to a report on Germany’s emissions projections for the years until 2035, commissioned by the federal government.

spain's finance minister maria jesus montero, industry, commerce and tourism minister reyes maroto, justice minister dolores delgado garcía and minister for the ecological transition teresa ribera

Spain’s socialists win election with Green New Deal platform

Vote share up in mining regions after deal to transition away from coal, manifesto calls for ‘consideration of planetary limits as conditions for economic progress’ — Spaniards threw their weight behind a Green New Deal programme on Sunday, after re-electing the pro-climate Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE). The PSOE, which campaigned on a sweeping platform of …

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zuzana caputova

Slovakian president-elect is a green campaigner who will fight coal subsidies

‘Slovakia’s Erin Brockovich’ Zuzana Čaputová will promote a green jobs agenda against the country’s traditional backing of heavy industry. Slovakia’s first female president will challenge long-standing industrial interests and the financing of coal mining after being elected on Saturday.

rugeley power station in staffordshire is being demolished in phases until 2021

Global ‘collapse’ in number of new coal-fired power plants

The number of plants on which construction has begun each year has fallen by 84% since 2015, and 39% in 2018 alone, while the number of completed plants has dropped by more than half since 2015.

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