australia is facing challenges from the rise of asia, rapid technological change, climate change and the environment, changing demographics, declining trust in institutions and business, and strains on social cohesion

Call to arms: how can Australia avoid a slow and painful decline

That is the conclusion of a major report bringing together the thinking of more than 50 leaders in business, academia, NGOs and the community sector, working with the CSIRO to model alternative futures for Australia. The report is described as a “clarion call” for the nation.

josh frydenberg faced a sceptical crowd in Kooyong who challenged him on climate change

Josh Frydenberg on back foot over Adani at Kooyong election forum

Josh Frydenberg spent the first night of the election campaign defending the Coalition’s decision to approve the groundwater management plan for the Adani coalmine to a room of 600 voters in his electorate of Kooyong, where climate change has emerged as a key issue.

reserve bank of australia deputy governor guy debelle

Climate change poses risk to Australia’s financial stability, warns RBA deputy governor

As a debate over coal and energy fractures the Morrison government, Guy Debelle warned a forum hosted by the Centre for Policy Development on Tuesday that climate change created risks for Australia’s financial stability in a number of different ways.

common kelp (pictured) has taken over from the giant kelp forests that used to dominate tasmania’s coastline

Australia’s marine heatwaves provide a glimpse of the new ecological order

For the second year in a row, a stubborn high-pressure system over the Tasman Sea was warming the surface of the ocean to above-average temperatures, forming a marine heatwave, wreaking destruction and providing a glimpse of the new ecological order in the marine Anthropocene. Globally marine heatwaves are becoming more frequent and prolonged and affecting biodiversity, according to new research published in Nature Climate Change this week.

australia’s rare white lemuroid ringtail possum

Out of sight, out of luck: the hidden victims of Australia’s deadly heatwaves

There have been obvious signs: bushfires, drought and coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef. But there have also been less headline-grabbing climate change-related tragedies. Based on studies of past extreme heat events, the affect of this summer’s heatwaves on Australia’s flora and fauna would have been severe, fundamental and, in some cases, deadly.

scott morrison and frank bainimarama

The ‘laughing matter’ of Australia’s relationship with the Pacific

The Fijian PM used the Australian leader’s visit to call out his promotion of fossil fuels, showing Scott Morrison is on the wrong side in the Pacific as well as at home — Australia and its Pacific Island neighbours are worlds apart when it comes to the urgency and response to climate change and this …

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