earthquake alarms

a bundle of fiber-optic cables

Unused Fiber-Optic Cables Repurposed as Seismic Sensors

During the 1990s, telecommunications companies installed thousands of kilometers of fiber-optic cables underground in anticipation of the dot-com boom. What can we do now with all of that unused dark fiber? Turn it into an extensive seismic activity sensor, according to a recent study.

netizens comments on mmshake drill alarm on phones

Jolted netizens liken #MMShakeDrill phone alarm to ‘The Purge’ siren

‘Do not panic? Eh mas nagpanic pa ako doon sa alarm sound, muntik ko pa itapon phone ko,’ says one irate netizen — (MANILA, Philippines) At around 1 pm on Thursday, July 19, many people momentarily panicked when their phones simultaneously blasted with an alarm that reminded them of the warning siren in the hit …

Jolted netizens liken #MMShakeDrill phone alarm to ‘The Purge’ siren Read More »

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