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retrogressive thaw slump, herschel island, yukon, canada

Guest post: Arctic warming is causing a 60-fold increase in permafrost landslides

One of the principal concerns of a warming Arctic is the thawing of carbon-rich permafrost, which could release CO2 and methane into the atmosphere and accelerate climate change. However, the thawing of these perennially frozen soils also risks making a mark on the land surface itself, causing landslides known as “retrogressive thaw slumps”.

site of thoreau's cabin in massachusetts

Courts must curb greenhouse gas emissions to protect our liberty

More than 150 years ago, the American poet, essayist, and naturalist Henry David Thoreau wrote, “The West of which I speak is but another name for the Wild; and what I have been preparing to say is, that in Wildness is the preservation of the world.”

organisers say barclays is one of the main european backers of fossil fuel projects

UK environmentalists target Barclays in fossil fuels campaign

Activists from the Labour-supporting Momentum group will team up with the environmental group People and Planet to stage more than 40 “creative direct actions” at Barclays branches in town and cities across the UK later this month.

students in sydney demand action on climate change

Youth climate strikes to take place in more than 100 countries

Hundreds of thousands of children are expected to walk out of their classrooms on Friday for a global climate strike amid growing anger at the failure of politicians to tackle the escalating ecological crisis.

students holds up their placards as they gather in parliament square during a climate protest

Rowan Williams says pupils are right to protest over climate

Williams, whose stark comments come amid a growing wave of protests over the scale of the ecological crisis, said non-violent civil disobedience should have “wide and deep” support from the public.

teachers protest outside the department for education in london

Teachers and students stage mock climate classes in Whitehall

More than 100 teachers, academics and students have blocked traffic and staged mock climate classes outside the Department for Education in a protest against the underplaying of environmental problems in the national curriculum.

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