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a recent extinction rebellion protest in oxford circus targeted fashion’s toll on the environment

‘Shut the country down’: British climate group Extinction Rebellion heads to US

With dozens of events next week, many hope arrival of climate punks who’ve swept the UK will be a watershed moment. Following a foray into New York in January, several thousand protestors will aim to cause similar mischief in dozens of US cities next week.

climate protesters bring london’s oxford circus to a standstill on friday

Students bring fresh wave of climate strikes to UK streets

The organisers of the Youth Strike 4 Climate movement said “sizeable events” took place in London, Sheffield, Manchester and Brighton, among other towns and cities. They mirrored events around the world, as protesters from cities as far apart as Helsinki and Delhi took to the streets.

students strike against climate change

Fresh wave of youth climate action protests expected across Britain

More than 60 demonstrations involving tens of thousands of young people are expected from Parliament Square in London to sites in Leeds, Manchester and Brighton. They follow the global strike on 15 March, when more than 1 million young people across the world took action to demand rapid action to tackle the climate crisis.

climate activists greta thunberg, centre, and luisa neubauer, left, marching against climate change in berlin

Climate crisis: today’s children face lives with tiny carbon footprints

Fast, deep cuts in global emissions from energy, transport and food are needed to keep temperature rises in check and an analysis has shown this means the new generation will have lifetime carbon budgets almost 90% lower than someone born in 1950.

marion esnault, an activist who has taken down three portraits of macron, outside a police station in paris

French police tap counter-terrorism unit to quell climate activists

‘It’s beyond disproportion’, says group that has removed 27 portraits of Emmanuel Macron from town halls, as ‘green scare’ spreads in Europe. When Marion Esnault and comrades began removing portraits of president Emmanuel Macron from the walls of town halls across France they expected to get into trouble.

edinburgh science has accepted funding from shell, total, exxon and the scottish oil club

Edinburgh science festival charity bans fossil fuel sponsorship

Edinburgh Science faced protests from activists for taking money from oil firms. The charity running the Edinburgh international science festival is to ban sponsorship from oil companies including Shell and Total after protests by climate campaigners.

eve white and her children join climate protests in tasmania

Parents around the world mobilise behind youth climate strikes

‘We owe it to our kids’: parents from 16 countries demand urgent climate action. Parents and grandparents around the world are mobilising in support of the youth strikes for climate movement that has swept the globe.

people holding placards take part in a demonstration against climate change

Pollutionwatch: time to dispel the myth of the inconvenient youth

In 2015, a poster competition for Utah schools was launched to encourage teens to consider the air pollution implications of their driving privilege and to learn strategies to preserve air quality. Although the competition was directed at the teenagers, it soon became clear that they were talking to their parents and encouraging them to change behaviour too.

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