cockermouth, cumbria in november 2009

Floods in 2009 and 2015 were worst in Cumbria for centuries – study

Residents have long suspected that the devastating floods were the worst in living memory, but this confirmation – from an analysis of lake sediment layers – provides a unique window on to the history of flooding in one of the wettest parts of England, and reveals the global climate crisis.

increases in average wave height and speed have been recorded around the globe in the past 30 years

World’s oceans are becoming stormier, researchers discover

Slight increases in average wave height and wind speed were recorded in oceans across the globe, with the strongest effects in the Southern Ocean. The study relied on data from 31 satellites and more than 80 ocean buoys collected between 1985 and 2018, with about 4 billion observations.

villagers survey the damage from mudslides, which were triggered by a heavy downpour in october 2018

Climate finance misses its mark in Ugandan landslide zones

On the slopes of Mount Elgon, residents live in fear of the next deadly landslide, as tree-planting solutions fail to take root. The slopes of Mount Elgon saw one of Uganda’s deadliest natural disasters in 2010, when 365 people died in landslides triggered by torrential rain.

planners said protecting the lowest-lying area, including south street seaport and the adjacent financial district, will require adding more land over several years

De Blasio unveils $10bn scheme to build new chunk of Manhattan to combat climate change

Bill de Blasio, the mayor of New York, has announced a radical plan to meet the “existential threat” of climate change by constructing a new section of Manhattan, extending hundreds of feet out into the narrow East river, in order to protect Wall Street and other downtown areas.

lake palcacocha glistens below the glaciers of the palcaraju and pucaranra peaks that feed the lake and also threaten it with flood-inducing avalanches

The Dangers of Glacial Lake Floods: Pioneering and Capitulation

During the past 70 years, Peruvian engineers virtually eliminated the risks posed by glacial lake floods. But climate change and a political blind eye are increasing the dangers once again

uninhabitable earth

‘The Uninhabitable Earth’ puts words to a future you don’t want to live in

The Uninhabitable Earth – Famine, economic collapse, a sun that cook us: What climate change could wreak – sooner than you think — Prepare yourself for grisly descriptions of how the body breaks down in overwhelming heat, predictions of prehistoric plagues springing back to life beneath melting permafrost, and the possibility of an economic collapse …

‘The Uninhabitable Earth’ puts words to a future you don’t want to live in Read More »

flood-prone areas in annapolis could be almost constantly under water by 2070

US coastal businesses hit by everyday impact of climate change, study shows

Annapolis seeing sea rise at about twice the global rate. Flooding there foreshadows problems other coastal towns can expect — When the parking lot in the bustling tourist zone of downtown Annapolis floods, the employees at Pip’s Dock Street Dogs restaurant take off their socks and shoes, wrap their legs in trash bags and wade …

US coastal businesses hit by everyday impact of climate change, study shows Read More »

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