fossil fuel divestment

‘protecting the natural world is now humanity’s greatest mission, so this change of tack from the mps’ pension fund is very welcome,’ said green party mp caroline lucas

UK parliament pension fund takes first step towards fossil fuel divestment

While stopping short of a promise to fully divest from fossil fuels, the pledge by the trustees marks an important first step towards assessing and reducing the effect of the pension fund’s investments – which are ultimately paid for by the taxpayer – on climate change.

edinburgh science has accepted funding from shell, total, exxon and the scottish oil club

Edinburgh science festival charity bans fossil fuel sponsorship

Edinburgh Science faced protests from activists for taking money from oil firms. The charity running the Edinburgh international science festival is to ban sponsorship from oil companies including Shell and Total after protests by climate campaigners.

zuzana caputova

Slovakian president-elect is a green campaigner who will fight coal subsidies

‘Slovakia’s Erin Brockovich’ Zuzana Čaputová will promote a green jobs agenda against the country’s traditional backing of heavy industry. Slovakia’s first female president will challenge long-standing industrial interests and the financing of coal mining after being elected on Saturday.

rugeley power station in staffordshire is being demolished in phases until 2021

Global ‘collapse’ in number of new coal-fired power plants

The number of plants on which construction has begun each year has fallen by 84% since 2015, and 39% in 2018 alone, while the number of completed plants has dropped by more than half since 2015.

an offshore wind turbine off the coast of naraha in fushima, japan

Energy analysts forecast ‘the end of coal’ in Asia as Japanese investors back renewables

Major Japanese investors, including those most indebted to coal, are seeking to back large-scale renewables projects across Asia, marking a “monumental” shift that energy market analysts say is “the start of the end for thermal coal”.

oil rig

Norway calls for $1 trillion fund to sell some oil and gas stocks

Globally, more than two thirds of proven coal, oil and gas reserves are unburnable within the global warming limits set out in the Paris Agreement. That raises the stakes for fossil fuel ventures: either they will lose value as climate policies bite, or profit while the world burns.

theresa may with ban ki-moon at the un headquarters

Ban Ki-moon tells Britain: stop investing in fossil fuels overseas

The former South Korean diplomat’s comments on UK Export Finance (UKEF), which provides lines of credit and insurance to help companies win business overseas, are the first time he has singled out a country’s credit export agency. “There is now a growing consensus that fossil fuels should not be funded in any way by export finance organisations,” he said.

environmental campaigners on ireland's cliffs of moher

Ireland’s democratic experiment lays the ground for stronger climate action

The Citizen’s Assembly could become a model for developing informed, fair and ambitious climate policy – if the government accepts its recommendations — Ireland’s struggle with climate change cuts to the heart of people’s daily lives and reflects the country’s revival after recession: more cars on the road and thriving cattle farms. That makes it …

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cleaning solar panels

IEA: Renewables investment in India topped fossil fuels for first time in 2017

Investment in renewable power in India topped fossil fuels for the first time in 2017, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA) — This is one of the most striking insights contained within the IEA’s annual update of global energy investment, which was published today. It gives an overview of the global, regional and sectoral …

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