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jay inslee’s climate change plan echoes progressives’ green new deal

Eight million jobs, $9tn in spending: Jay Inslee’s radical plan to tackle climate change

Inslee’s 38-page document is focused on creating jobs. It outlines a $9tn investment over 10 years and seeks to create 8m jobs aimed at decarbonizing the economy. In an earlier plan, he vowed to make the US carbon neutral by 2045.

extinction rebellion activists at the international maritime organization in london as delegates arrive

UN agency meets to tackle pollution and emissions by ships

This week is the 74th meeting of the marine environmental protection committee of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), and it represents one of the best hopes of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from a large and growing sector.

a car transporter carries new tesla model 3 vehicles along the highway, california

Factcheck: How electric vehicles help to tackle climate change

However, while no greenhouse gas emissions directly come from EVs, they run on electricity that is, in large part, still produced from fossil fuels in many parts of the world. Energy is also used to manufacture the vehicle – and, in particular, the battery.

microsoft has become the first technology company to join the conservative-led group, which includes oil giants bp, exxonmobil, shell, total and conocophillips among its founding members

Microsoft joins group seeking to kill off historic climate change lawsuits

The stated goals of the Climate Leadership Council (CLC) include a $40-a-ton fee on carbon dioxide emissions in return for the gutting of current climate change regulations and “protecting companies from federal and state tort liability for historic emissions”.

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