green new deal

protesters in melbourne demand action on the climate emergency

Tony Burke floats Green New Deal-style approach to Labor’s climate policy

In a significant piece of post-election positioning, Burke told Guardian Australia Labor needs to adopt new policies of regulation and spending – like the Green New Deal model pursued by some Democrats in the United States, or like the existing Australian Direct Action model – because that is the only way a majority of Australian voters will sign on to climate action.

commuters on waterloo bridge during extinction rebellion climate protests in london

Much shorter working weeks needed to tackle climate crisis – study

The research, from thinktank Autonomy, shows workers in the UK would need to move to nine-hour weeks to keep the country on track to avoid more than 2°C of heating at current carbon intensity levels. Similar reductions were found to be necessary in Sweden and Germany.

jay inslee’s climate change plan echoes progressives’ green new deal

Eight million jobs, $9tn in spending: Jay Inslee’s radical plan to tackle climate change

Inslee’s 38-page document is focused on creating jobs. It outlines a $9tn investment over 10 years and seeks to create 8m jobs aimed at decarbonizing the economy. In an earlier plan, he vowed to make the US carbon neutral by 2045.

new york city’s mayor, bill de blasio, speaks inside trump tower about the green new deal

New York aims to fight climate change by creating green union jobs

Giving this plan a vital boost, New York’s governor, Andrew Cuomo, has announced plans to have the state’s energy authority invest billions of dollars to build hundreds of offshore wind turbines. For Cuomo, this plan is key to New York state’s ambitious mandate to obtain 70% of its energy from renewable sources, such as wind and solar, by 2030.

bill nye, beloved science educator and television personality, is getting angry about climate change

‘The planet is on fire’: Bill Nye driven to F-bomb rant by climate change

Bill Nye is done messing around. Look out, because while you might not typically associate angry talk with the normally-mild-mannered “Science Guy” Nye, when it comes to the threat of global climate change, he has – understandably, perhaps – lost his patience. And how.

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