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danny faure (left) was speaking from a manned submersible off the coast of the island nation

Seychelles president issues underwater plea to protect oceans

The president of the Seychelles has made a plea for stronger protection of the “beating blue heart of our planet”, in a speech delivered from deep below the ocean’s surface. Danny Faure’s call for action, billed as the first live speech from a submersible, came during a visit to an ambitious British-led science expedition exploring the Indian Ocean depths.

iceland’s holuhraun lava

Earth’s Devastating Power, Seen by Satellite

Hurricanes, volcanoes, droughts, floods, fires, tsunamis: Satellites capture some of Earth’s most destructive forces — Earth-orbiting satellites can inspire awe of the beauty of our planet and provide breathtaking vantage points from which scientists can study its complicated dynamics. Satellites are cataloging Earth’s changing ice coverage, measuring water content inside leaves, monitoring air pollution, and …

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dust storms from the sahara

A Novel Approach Reveals Element Cycles in the Ocean

Dissolved thorium isotopes light the way to a more thorough understanding of how different elements enter marine environments—and how long they stay there — The ocean covers 72% of Earth’s surface and plays a vital role in global biogeochemical cycles. The carbon and nitrogen cycles receive ample attention because of their impact on the climate …

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