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flooding in the tana river area of kenya in 2018, when 60,000 people were forced to move home

Global heating to inflict more droughts on Africa as well as floods

New research says the continent will experience many extreme outbreaks of intense rainfall over the next 80 years. These could trigger devastating floods, storms and disruption of farming. In addition, these events are likely to be interspersed with more crippling droughts during the growing season and these could also damage crop and food production.

media can help increase understanding of the science behind heatwaves, floods and storms, the met office said

Use forecast to talk about climate change, urges ex-BBC presenter

In a piece for Radio Times, Giles, 79, writes: “The hourly forecasts that we now see do an excellent job in giving us the likely weather events over the coming few days, and this must continue. But to properly explain the underlying changes to climate they will need to look much further afield at the weather across the world, reporting and analysing extremes on a daily basis.

the m876 motorway in scotland on 31 january last year, during the beast from the east, and in february this year

UK weather: February temperature jump was incredible, says climate expert

UK temperature records have tumbled in the past 10 days. Last Thursday, Scotland experienced its highest winter warmth of 18.3°C in Aboyne, in Aberdeenshire. On Tuesday, Wales set a new UK high for the season for 20.8 in Porthmadog. This was beaten on Wednesday, when Kew registered 21.2°C.

media reaction

Media reaction: The UK’s record-breaking winter heat in 2019

“Extreme or unusual weather in the UK is becoming widely recognised as an indication that the climate is changing…As our heating planet turns from a threat into an emergency, with emissions still increasing, we must reject passivity in favour of action.”

students protest for a climate-friendly policy in frankfurt, germany

School climate strike children’s brave stand has our support

We are inspired that our children, spurred on by the noble actions of Greta Thunberg and other striking students, are making their voices heard, say 224 academics — We, the undersigned academics, stand in solidarity with the children going on school climate strike on 15 February, and with all those taking a stand for the …

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elevated water temperatures from global warming can kill coral

Met Office: global warming could exceed 1.5C within five years

Lowest Paris agreement target may temporarily be surpassed for first time between now and 2023 — Global warming could temporarily hit 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels for the first time between now and 2023, according to a long-term forecast by the Met Office. Meteorologists said there was a 10% chance of a year in which the …

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