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local residents paddle a canoe past oil installations belonging to the mobil oil company in bonny island, nigeria

How Mobil pushed its oil agenda through ‘charitable giving’

Dr David Page visited Nigeria after the spill and offered his views of its impact to the New York Times, which were published in special report dated 20 September that year. Page’s arrival on the scene was anticipated years earlier in Mobil’s plans, internal Mobil Foundation documents newly obtained by the Guardian reveal.

edinburgh science has accepted funding from shell, total, exxon and the scottish oil club

Edinburgh science festival charity bans fossil fuel sponsorship

Edinburgh Science faced protests from activists for taking money from oil firms. The charity running the Edinburgh international science festival is to ban sponsorship from oil companies including Shell and Total after protests by climate campaigners.

marcela mulholland

Adults failed to take climate action. Meet the young activists stepping up

The movement comprises a small core team of young organizers, supported by a larger group of several hundred volunteers. The group’s elevation of the Green New Deal has clearly riled Trump, who has falsely but repeatedly claimed that the plan would result in the banning of cars, air travel and even cows.

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