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you might not think to look across the midwest at this point for potential mosquitoes, but what if people are landing in chicago

Mosquito-spread diseases may endanger millions in new places due to climate change

The study, published in the journal PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases, finds that humans could prevent the spread of disease-carrying mosquitoes if they aggressively take actions to combat global warming.

the uk’s cows produce 36m tonnes in waste every year

The planet’s prodigious poo problem

Recent research has estimated that by 2030, the planet will be generating at least 5bn tonnes of poo each year, with the vast majority being deposited by livestock. With 80% of farms in the Netherlands already producing more cow dung than they can legally use as fertiliser, and China resorting to drastic measures to try to reduce the amount of manure being discharged into rivers, scientists say this is a major environment and health challenge.

the transportation sector is the number one source of ozone pollution in india

Ozone Pollution Deaths in India Higher Than Previously Thought

Polluted air causes more than 6 million premature deaths per year worldwide, including roughly 1.6 million annual deaths in India. Here, a sobering new estimate of the likely death toll from one of air pollution’s ingredients — ozone — suggesting that without aggressive reductions in emissions, more than a million Indians will die prematurely each year from long-term ozone exposure by 2050.

some of the students who joined the 'youth strike for negros'

Governor declares Negros Occidental coal-free

Negros Occidental Governor Alfredo Marañon Jr made this declaration during the “Youth Strike for Negros,” a silent protest participated by hundreds of youth leaders calling for urgent action from the provincial government, Wednesday, March 6, at the Capitol grounds.

wood pellets

Burning wood for power breaches EU treaty, new lawsuit claims

Plaintiffs from six European countries and the US argue that burning biomass for heat and power is a false solution to climate change. The EU Renewable Energy Directive promotes logging of ancient forests, according to the brief, contravening the bloc’s higher principles and individuals’ rights.

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