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narayana hrudayalaya hospital in bangalore, india

Healthcare in world’s largest economies ‘accounts for 4%’ of global emissions

While healthcare emissions have rarely been assessed in isolation, the analysis suggests that in most countries they are only surpassed by those from the heaviest polluting sectors, related to energy, transport and construction.

a man shades his face from the summer heat

Limiting warming to 1.5C could prevent ‘thousands’ of heat deaths in US cities

The research projects heat-related deaths for 15 cities across the US under the different levels of future warming. The results suggest that major cities, such as New York City and Los Angeles, could see hundreds or thousands more deaths in extreme heat without greater ambition in global emissions cuts.

davies said efforts to combat the problem of antibiotic resistance should be coordinated at a global level

Antibiotic resistance as big a threat as climate change – chief medic

Protests against climate change should be extended to the other greatest threat facing humanity, according to England’s chief medical officer, who says an Extinction Rebellion-style campaign is needed to save people from antibiotics becoming ineffective in the face of overuse and a lack of regulation.

jeremy corbyn campaigning with labour activists for the local elections in peterborough

Corbyn launches bid to declare a national climate emergency

Labour will this week force a vote in parliament to declare a national environmental and climate change emergency as confidential documents show the government has spent only a fraction of a £100m fund allocated in 2015 to support clean air projects.

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