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a bundle of fiber-optic cables

Unused Fiber-Optic Cables Repurposed as Seismic Sensors

During the 1990s, telecommunications companies installed thousands of kilometers of fiber-optic cables underground in anticipation of the dot-com boom. What can we do now with all of that unused dark fiber? Turn it into an extensive seismic activity sensor, according to a recent study.

rubble from a collapsed building crushed a car in the xochimilco borough of mexico city

Lessons from Mexico’s Earthquake Early Warning System

The devastating 2017 Puebla quake provides an opportunity to assess how citizens perceive and use the Mexico City earthquake early warning system — On 19 September 2017, an earthquake shook Mexico City with an intensity not felt since the same day 32 years before, when the 1985 magnitude 8.1 Michoacan earthquake killed more than 9,000 …

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