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the investor group on climate change has questioned the coalition’s investments in the snowy 2.0 project

Coalition’s climate policy reboot won’t do much for emissions, investor group warns

The IGCC, a group that represents institutional investors such as super funds, with total funds under management of about $2tn, has told its members Morrison’s “climate solutions package” won’t change the current trajectory of rising emissions because it is “small scale and unlikely to be a durable policy framework through time”.

tony abbott

Tony Abbott says no need to pull out of Paris climate agreement after all

Abbott, who signed up to Paris when he was prime minister but then declared that Australia should pull out during the prime ministership of Malcolm Turnbull, confirmed he had changed his mind again during a debate on Friday morning with the independent challenger Zali Steggall and other federal election candidates in his seat of Warringah.

bill shorten is still ‘taking advice’ on climate policy and won’t rule out carryover carbon credits from the kyoto protocol

Labor still ‘taking advice’ on including Kyoto carryover credits

Labor is still “taking advice” on whether its climate policies would include carryover carbon credits from the Kyoto protocol to help meet its 45% emissions reduction target by 2030 – a move seen more as an accounting trick than a real-world reduction in carbon.

angus taylor repeatedly stated emissions had decreased by 1% in an interview on the abc’s insiders program

Angus Taylor again falsely claims Australia’s greenhouse emissions are falling

The latest report released by the environment department, looking at emissions between September 2017 and September 2018, showed total emissions in Australia had increased by 0.9%, continuing a pattern of increases over the past five years.

scott morrison on the snowy hydro leg of his climate and energy policy reset this week

Coalition launches push for hydrogen power in energy policy reboot

Moving ahead with a hydrogen strategy comes at the end of a week where Scott Morrison has attempted to reposition the government on climate and energy policy, with Liberals under attack in their heartland from independents campaigning against incumbents because of the government’s record of frustrating climate policy action.

emissions for the year to september 2018 were up 0.9% on the previous year, primarily due to a 19.7% increase in lng exports

Australia’s annual emissions continue to rise, driven by LNG production

Emissions for the year to September 2018 went up 0.9% on the previous year, according to the latest inventory, primarily due to a 19.7% increase in LNG exports, but there were also increases in stationary energy, transport, fugitives, industrial processes and waste sectors.

scott morrison confirmed the coalition would spend $56m on a new 1,200mw interconnector for tasmania

Scott Morrison pledges $56m for Tasmanian interconnector in climate policy reboot

The prime minister confirmed on Monday the government would spend $56m in an effort to progress a new 1,200MW interconnector as part of Tasmania’s “battery of the nation” project and he also sent a strong hint he will back Malcolm Turnbull’s pet project, adding 2,000MW of new generation capacity at Snowy Hydro.

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