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public concern over the crisis is at record levels

Young people to advise UK on hitting net zero emissions by 2050

The commitment to net zero greenhouse gas emissions was described as “historic” by leading figures. But the UK is not yet on track to meet its 2025 and 2030 goals, so a huge transformation of energy, transport and buildings is urgently required.

electric arc furnaces are much more energy efficient than blast furnaces

Recycling steel could give lifeline to the industry, report says

Two-thirds of the steel currently used is made from primary production, and most of the remainder comes from off-cuts of the steel-making process, rather than recycled goods. The UK does not currently use all the scrap steel produced in the country, but global stocks of recyclable steel are expected to rise sharply in the coming decades.

regenerated woodland at alladale wilderness reserve in sutherland, scotland

Rewild a quarter of UK to fight climate crisis, campaigners urge

The plan, published by Rewilding Britain, calls for billions of pounds in farm subsidies to be redirected towards creating native woodlands and meadows and protecting peat bogs and salt marshes. The group says wildlife would benefit, farmers would not lose money and food production need not fall.

extinction rebellion protest, parliament square, london

Guest post: Polls reveal surge in concern in UK about climate change

From 15-25 April, climate change was high on the news agenda in response to the Extinction Rebellion protests in London, a major BBC documentary presented by Sir David Attenborough and the visit to London by the Swedish school climate protestor Greta Thunberg.

the uk's parliament buildings in london

Britain, home of the industrial revolution, ‘to end contribution to global warming’

Government advisors recommend climate target to be hiked to net-zero by 2050, a mark they said would lead the world and mobilise ambition in other countries — The UK will stop warming the global climate by 2050 and urge other countries to follow, under independent advice published on Thursday. In a 277-page report commissioned by …

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