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donald trump: described by the executive director of the sierra club as ‘the worst president for the environment our nation

Trump issues Earth Day message without mentioning climate change

Donald Trump issued on Monday an Earth Day proclamation that omitted any mention of climate change or the cavalcade of environmental threats posed by deforestation, species loss and plastic pollution. The president chose instead to praise the benefits of a “strong market economy”.

site of thoreau's cabin in massachusetts

Courts must curb greenhouse gas emissions to protect our liberty

More than 150 years ago, the American poet, essayist, and naturalist Henry David Thoreau wrote, “The West of which I speak is but another name for the Wild; and what I have been preparing to say is, that in Wildness is the preservation of the world.”

a whirlwind of embers as a wildfire approaches homes in montecito, california

Climate change group scrapped by Trump reassembles to issue warning

A US government climate change advisory group scrapped by Donald Trump has reassembled independently to call for better adaptation to the floods, wildfires and other threats that increasingly loom over American communities.

alexandria ocasio-cortez speaks during a press conference to announce green new deal

Green New Deal: Senate defeats proposal as Democrats unite in protest

The US Senate defeated a motion to take up the Green New Deal, the non-binding proposal spearheaded by progressive Democratic lawmakers to radically reduce greenhouse gases and try to lessen social inequity.

congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez and senator ed markey present their green new deal resolution

The Green New Deal: Finally climate policy informed by science

In short, science is our best hope to enable informed choices about our future. Big ideas like president Roosevelt’s New Deal also gave our nation hope for reversing the downward economic spiral of the 1930s with government programmes that still benefit us today. However, when it comes to a safe climate, science and policy have operated in a vacuum.

the effects of record-breaking heat and years of low or no rainfall can be felt years after a dry spell passes

Record high US temperatures outpaced record lows two to one, study finds

The AP looked at 424 weather stations throughout the US lower 48 states that had consistent temperature records since 1920 and counted how many times daily hot temperature records were tied or broken and how many daily cold records were set. In a stable climate, the numbers should be roughly equal.

estonian environment minister siim kiisler, president of the un environment assembly

US and Saudi Arabia blocking regulation of geoengineering, sources say

The United States and Saudi Arabia have hamstrung global efforts to scrutinise climate geoengineering in order to benefit their fossil fuel industries, according to multiple sources at the United Nations environment assembly, taking place this week in Nairobi.

one geoengineering technique involves spraying seawater drops into the clouds to make them more reflective

US and Saudi Arabia block geoengineering governance push

“Deployment of geoengineering, including solar radiation management and carbon dioxide removal, would jeopardise not only ecosystems and livelihoods but also human rights, sustainable development goals and international security,” said Barbara Unmüßig, President of the Heinrich Böll Foundation.

chickamauga lock under construction, as part of the original new deal

The Green New Deal contains a tension between climate and social goals

The Green New Deal borrows its name and ethos from the New Deal – introduced in the 1930s by then US president Franklin D Roosevelt to kickstart an economy crippled by the Great Depression. But are strategies which echo the needs of the 1930s and 1940s – ending the Depression and defeating Nazism – suitable for the rapid transition from fossil fuels that defines our needs in the early 21st century?

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