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john delaney talks with voters in tilton, new hampshire

2020 candidate John Delaney pitches vastly unusual climate change plan

The first three Democratic presidential candidates to declare their plans to tackle the climate crisis are focusing on setting deadlines to neutralize US pollution. But one Democrat is proposing something vastly different. Environmental advocates are likely to find it unacceptable, but some experts say it might be necessary.

'it was an awakening, showing the country that race and class play a part in who has to live near toxic waste.’

‘They chose us because we were rural and poor’: when environmental racism and climate change collide

The Warren, North Carolina, protests of 1982 are considered one of the earliest examples of the environmental justice movement. A manufacturer of electrical transformers dumped tons of cancer-causing PCB waste along 240 miles of North Carolina’s highways. When it came time for the clean up, the North Carolina government chose Warren – a small, predominantly African American town – for the toxic waste facility.

people with masks try to shield themselves from the smokey air brought about by the recent wildfires

Climate report Trump tried to bury: key findings No 1 – air pollution kills

The Trump administration published a major report on climate change the day after Thanksgiving. We will explore the major findings each day this week — Donald Trump doesn’t believe his own government’s major report on climate change – which the administration tried to bury over the Thanksgiving break. It warns that rising temperatures are already …

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